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A well maintaned vehicle is one that is efficient, safe, comfortable, and reliable.  Our free maintenance plan will ensure your covered, including free inspections upon arrival and with every oil change. 




Have your vehicle tuned for fuel economy, basic tune up is a fairly inexpensive way to ensure longer life out of your engine. Tune ups include engine oil change, sparkplugs and wires, air filter, and fuel filter.  People are often suprised on the results!  As far as your brakes, they are the most important piece of equipment on your vehicle, having them in proper order and checked with every servicing is crutial to your road safety. This is why we inspect your brakes with every visit!

From headlights to taillights, we have you covered. There are alot of things involed that make your vehicle safe, comfortable, and efficient.  Checking drivetrain parts and fluids, interior and exterior  safety equiptment like lighting and seatbelts, are all things included in our free 80 point inspections and for good reason!


Clunks and bangs over bumps are in no way good for your ears  or your safety, not to mention the safety of your passengers and other road users.  Theres alot that can go wrong in your suspension,so have it checked regularly! 


Tires are what connects you to the road. Everything from tread to weathering to  air pressure are things to look out for, leave it in the hands of a professional.


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